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Information for Contributors:

The North East Journal of Legal Studies is a double blind refereed journal, published once a year. Its purpose is to encourage scholarly research in legal studies and pedagogy related thereto.

Articles may be submitted simultaneously to this journal and others with the understanding that the author(s) will notify this journal if the article is to be published elsewhere. We will not publish an article that will be published in another journal.

Papers should relate to the field of Business Law (including recognized topics within Business Law and the Legal Environment of Business) or to Legal Studies Education.

The Journal will consider submission of articles form those papers presented at the North East Academy of Legal Studies in Business Annual Conference. The paper designated the recipient of the Hoehlein Award for Distinguished Papers at the NEALSB Conference will serve as the lead article of the journal. Up to four articles from resources other then those presented at the NEALSB Conference may be published in the journal.

Articles offered for inclusion in the next issue of the journal shall be submitted to the editor by September 1.

Procedure for Submitting Papers Articles submitted for publication should be three clean, camera ready originals (no photocopies) accompanied by a diskette version in Microsoft Work for Windows prepared as set forth below and sent toc

Professor Sharlene A. McEvoy
Charles F. Dolan School of Business
Fairfield University
1073 North Benson Road
Fairfield, CT 06824-5195

Submission must include a check for $50.00 payable to North East Academy of Legal Studies in Business. If the article is not published, $25.00 will be returned.


1. Papers should be no more then 20 single-spaced pages, including footnotes. Use font 12 pitch, Times New Roman. Skip lines between paragraphs and between section titles and paragraphs. Indent paragraphs 5 spaces. Right-hand justification is desirable, but not necessary.

2. Margins left and right hand margins should be set at 1 14 inches, top margin at 1 12 inches and bottom margin at 1 34 inches.

3. Page Setup Custom size your paper to have 6 34 inch width and a height of 10 inches. Your hard copy should be printed on a standard 8 12 x 11 paper size. This will allow for the proper binding and trimming for printing purposes.

4. Upon acceptance, the first page must the following format the title should be centered, in CAPITOL LETTERS. Two lines down center the word by and the author's name, followed by an asterisk(). Begin test three lines under the author's name. Two inches from the bottom of the page, type a solid line 18 inches in length, beginning from the left margin. On the second line below, type the asterisk and the author's position of title affiliation.

5. Headings

FIRST LEVEL (caps, flush with left margin)

Second Level (center, italics)

Third Level (flush with left margin, italics, followed by a colon [],

Fourth Level (flush with left margin, italics, followed by a Colon [], with text immediately following).

6. Endnotes shuold conform to Uniform System of Citation, 17th edition (2000), and should begin 3 lines after the end of the text.

7. An IBM compatible, 3 12 inch disc with the final version of your paper, in Microsoft Word, must accompany your paper.

Individual copies of the journal are available to non-members and libraries at $25.00 per copy. General correspondence, application for membership NEALSB or change of address notice should be addressed to the name above at the address therein stated.

The Journal is listed in Cabells. Acceptance rate is 20-30%. The Journal is also listed in the Index to Legal Periodicals.